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Friday Madness: Pat Robertson Says “You Might Get AIDS From Towels In Kenya” (Video)

Bangi in mbaya if I may say! Before I smash my iPad against the wall for foolish commentary, watch the video below! In other words this fools was saying “don’t consume anything in Africa! Don’t drink water, milk even beer.” Follow me on Twitter @knelking or on Instagram @anglohiliclothing

Anglohili Reggae Music Feature: Singing U – So Long Prod. By Ever Blazzing Productions (Video)

I know these 2 cats personally. Ever Blazzing Productions run by the Kenyan native ninja based in Cologne/Germany and my guy Singing U, a Jamaican native also based in Germany. Am lucky to have the opportunity to peep what goes on behind closed curtains but ever since I know these 2 guys, I can assure […]

Friday Madness: Another Couple Is Stuck After Having Sex (Article)

You probably thought this was Kenya again ha? An Italian couple will probably get chills up and down their spines the next time they see an ocean. The New York Daily News reports that the two hopped into the sea near Porto San Giorgio, in the eastern Marche region of Italy. After sex they couldn’t disengage because of […]

Another Beat Ya Keggah Production: CNear – You Don’t Love Me (Video)

I give credit where it’s due. Beat Ya Keggah has been putting in work and here is his 4th feature on Anglohili Blog today. This is an artist Keggah is crafting named CNear who is Tanzanian and lives in Worcester. The record has that reggae vibe, a love song you can dedicate to your best […]

Beat Ya Keggah Production: K-Nel, Walanguzi Das – Budaboss (Audio)

You still wondering what’s happening today right? A 3rd feature of Beat Ya Keggah production on Anglohili Blog. Do you now get the message? During the shoot of Walanguzi Das “Akili Iiende” music video, we took some time off during the shooting to record this track. I have to define this as one of the […]

Anglohili Kenya Music Feature: Nonini Ft Wyre – Mbele (Produced By Beat Ya Keggah)

Today am keeping it 100% Beat Ya Keggah on Anglohili Blog. I have been posting on my social network that the Kenyan music revolution will start right here on American soil, sounded like Chinese to many. I am honored to feature this project on Anglohili Blog. 2 Kenyan legends in the industry, Nonini and Wyre, […]

Anglohili Kenya Music Feature: Jedidah ft Jimwat – Tamu Sana (Produced By Beat Ya Keggah)

Let me open this article by declaring “Beat Ya Keggah” as the hottest Kenyan producer coming out from the Diaspora. I am not narrating monkey stories but from experience;having worked with him, heard what this cat has created and watched him at work. Beat Ya Keggah is the hottest Kenyan producer point, blank period! Working […]

Picture Of The Day: President Uhuru Kenyatta Returns Back Home

This looks like the battle of #BabaWhileYouWereAway and Uhuru’s version.

Video Of Jews Chanting “Get Raped And Get Aids” At An Anti-African Rally In Tel Aviv

Few weeks ago I posted on my Facebook account “Africans we are cursed”. This was followed by a long discussion why I said and different facts were put on table. When will we stop being the “victims”. Yesterday the internet was filled with harsh criticism of the US government after Thomas Duncan died of Ebola […]