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Chris Brown Probation Revoked (Video)

This guy is a target if you ask me. The headlines he been making since that Rihanna incidence have unfortunately put a dark shadow in his career. Follow me on twitter @knelking  

Anglohili Tuesday Madness – Teacher Tells Black Student He Can’t Be Santa Claus (Picture)

Madness on another level! After FOX TV made it clear that “Jesus was white” as well as “Santa”, seems like some people have taken this extremely “serious” and now a black student cannot even play Santa. Really? Follow me on twitter @knelking  

Waow!! Look At How The World Reacted When Beyonce Dropped Her Album (Twitter Geotagged Picture)

This is crazy! Add that to the fact that the album has sold over 800.000 units in 3 days. She breaking sales records, damnnn B! Follow me on twitter @knelking  

R Kelly Starts the #askRKelly On Twitter And Things Didn’t Go Too Well. (Read Posts)

This campaign went left if I may say! Read some of the top questions below which Kelly received #AskRKelly When your woman is fed up, does she throw a tantrum and pout? 11:30 AM – 10 Dec 2013 #AskRKelly prefer to be pissed on or do the peeing? cc: @DrayaFace #AskRKelly what is your preferred […]

The Real Kenya@50? Sheria Sarabi Band Ft Juliani – Sheria (Music Video(

With Kenya@50 on everybody’s mouth, the subject has been tackled from both sides i.e the good achievements the coutry has reached and the negative side of course. Without going into details, Sheria Band narrate exactly what has to be ammended. Juliani’s words at the end of the song were deep, had to replay that verse. […]

LMAO – Redykyulass Thrills The Crowd With A Classic Moi Kenya@50 Speech (Video)

Hahahahahahaha, the closing dance had me replay the clip 20 times!! These folks need to do another series. Funniest comedy crew Kenya had point blank period! Follow me on twitter @knelking    

Ninja Pleaseee? ‘Fake’ Interpreter Claims Schizophrenia (Video)

This Ninja needs Jesus in his life! He is just bluffin and bluffin and bluffin! Follow me on twitter @knelking    

Anglohili World Premier : Beyonce Ft Jay-Z – Drunk In Love (Music Video)

Oh damnnn Beyonce! Am a hold my comments about the B lil Miley twerking scenes but what I liked most was the fact Jay performed his part and never gave B any eye contact, shit was classic! He knows what he owns, right? Follow me on twitter – @knelking    

R.I.P Nelson Mandela – Remembering Activist And Peacemaker Nelson Mandela (Doc)

      The death of  Nelson Mandela has taken the world by storm. His loss is felt worldwide and messages of condolences are being sent from every corner of the globe. I want to personally thank Mick who informed me about Mandela’s death ca. 35 minutes it happened. I posted it on my facebook […]